Ninja Kids


Build strength and gain mobility all in the one session!

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Ninja Kids


“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a persons physical, emotional and mental states” – Carol Welch

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Ninja Kids


You will not find any other session like this in Margaret River. You will build upper body and core strength, agility & coordination.

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Unlike any program on earth, IRON ZUU is the unique 50/50 mix of free weights with movement in every session.

  • Programming focuses on dumbbell techniques that promote a more natural range of motion.
  • Unique combinations of animal inspired body weight movements that mobilise your joints and prevent injury. Strengthening your cardio, ligaments & tendons which is crucial to increasing strength while burning body fat.
  • Class numbers are limited, helping us educated you in movement.
  • This session truly 'bridges the gap' between traditional Strength & Conditioning programs and the core & mobility gains associated with yoga and pilates.

From a SURFER trying to increase their endurance and power in the water;

a FOOTY/NETBALL player wanting to stay agile, strong and injury free;

a MUM looking for strength to lift her child;

to your EVERYDAY person looking to improve their general health, mobility and strength for everyday tasks.


Movement precedes equipment.
When our clienteles range/strength of motion increases from performing movement, this creates a direct correlation to power. Their ligaments and tendons become stronger, their body starts to work as an integrated system and not just isolated parts.
Their squats get deeper, their shoulder press becomes more stable and their bench press increases as we build up their secondary system to support their major muscle groups. This builds more lean muscle while burning more body fat.
When you experience IRON ZUU workouts you’ll understand why this new kid on the block is about to set the fitness industry on fire!
Think this all sounds to much for you?? You are wrong! EVERYONE has the right to move freely again,  the pace doesn't matter, the integrity of movement does!

Class duration: 50mins

Suited to all fitness levels, everyone has the right to learn to move freely and pain free!


Movement is a very broad term so be prepared for anything, including balance work, animal inspired crawling movements, bar/ring work and even gymnastic inspired movements.

This session truly 'bridges the gap' between traditional Strength & Conditioning programs and the core strength & mobility gains associated with yoga and pilates.

Bodies are being transformed around the globe as many master the power of their own body weight.

So if you've ever watched someone truly 'move' well and been inspired to reach a similar mobility and strength level then this session is for you.

All movements are designed to mobilise your joints, prevent injury, strengthen your ligaments and tendons which is crucial to increasing overall strength.

Class Duration : 55 mins



"We do not stop exercising because we grow old - we grow old because we stop exercising" Kenneth Cooper

Build upper body and core strength and mobility. Master the art of body control on the ground and in the air. This session is a tonne of fun, a unique way to get fit and strong. We are a Movement/Obstacle based facility so our aim is to get you strong and mobile to enjoy some 'play'.

If you have admired the strength of a gymnast, a Ninja Warrior fan or simply want to do the monkey bars with your kids, then this session is for you.

A typical session will start with mobility (loosening up all your joints), then moving onto calisthenic (body weight) movements designed to strengthen your upper body and core. We will add hanging elements (bar/ring work) to develop your 'grip' strength in preparation for the fun obstacles to follow. The session can also feature 'parkour' style movements to bring the spring back in your step. You may also find a session could focus on a particular 'skill' for example, achieving your first pull up or muscle up.

Janet will share her skills and expertise as a Ninja Warrior after featuring on the worldwide phenomenon program, Australian Ninja Warrior. Her passion for this fun will shine through.

Will is a Parkour Practitioner and lover of all things natural movement. He can break down any skill and teach you from ANY level to have you succeeding at moves you never thought you would/could do!

Class duration: 55mins