Want to learn to RUN? Or are you a recreational runner that wants to run faster and be more efficient, stay injury free...learn to RUNstrong??

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One on One Sessions/Assessment also available for any age.


The RUNstrong program consists of

  • 1 x Track/Oval session (Tues 0615) focusing on technique, drills and interval work.
  • 1 x Studio based session (Thurs 0600) Strength training for runners and finishing up with some sprints.

RUNstrong caters for all levels of runners from the beginner, weekend warrior or the regular recreational runner. Individuals will be progressed at THEIR level.

You may be a 'Couch to 5K wannabe' or maybe you have a bigger goal in your sights? A Half Marathon? An Adventure Race?

Whatever your goal RUNstrong will steer you in the right direction. You will be coached by Janet - As a junior Janet excelled on the track in athletics, beyond motherhood she discovered the 'therapy' of getting out on the trails for a run! 

The joy of running has taken her across the finish line and on the podium of numerous fun runs, half marathons, trail events, adventure races and in more recent times has lead her to the sport of obstacle course racing. From the muddy local paddocks at BootLeg Brewery's MudFest to World Championships events in the USA amongst the mountains of Lake Tahoe. Events covering distances from a fast 7km to battling the dark and cold of night in gruelling 24hour Enduro Races.

Janet's mission is to share her passion for running, to get everyone to understand they're 'a runner’ and they do have a 'runners body’! "The beauty of our trails do not discriminate and everybody should experience the joy and the freedom out there. "Janet's running experience as one of Australia's leading elite female OCR athletes along with coaching and mentorship from some of Australia's best athletes, coaches or fitness professionals will help your on YOUR journey.

*We do encourage a balanced approach to your running however we do offer a Track Only option if you can not commit to the studio session. 
*Drop Ins are welcome to our sessions if you are visiting town or want to try Note our Drop In Pass.

Class Duration : 45/55mins