Beach FIT

Sun, Sand and Fun. Exercise your mind and Body.

Why would you stare at the four walls of a gym?

Join us at the Rivermouth this summer!

You couldn’t ask for a better backdrop to have fun, get fit and make new friends!

As the only ‘licensed’ fitness operator for this stunning beach location, Mocean Fitness will guide you through progressive workouts to ensure you are constantly improving and continually challenged to YOUR fitness level.

BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE groups available

You will gain strength, build lean muscle, burn fat and improve your overall cardio fitness.
A typical morning will see you drag or pull tyres through the sand, throw or squat with sandbags, flip pine poles and more.


This is 100% functional fitness!

One of the primary advantages of sand training is the minimal impact on your body. Training in the sand is kind on your joints whilst making them stronger!

There are No Drill Sergeant’s barking orders here, group motivation and Janet’s 15yrs experience in this style of training will see you getting the results you desire with a bagful of fun!

You don’t need to “get fit” before joining our bootcamp.

Our beginner sessions are the perfect introduction to fitness in our beautiful outdoors. Remember this is all good healthy fun, enjoy the outdoors. The option to swim at the end and the coffee van waiting for you in the carpark is just a bonus!


8wk program (16 sessions) will commence October 21st.
Beginner:  Monday & Thursdays
Intermediate: Tuesday & Fridays.

All sessions held at the Rivermouth at 6am and in your car heading home before 7am.

Early bird reservations $149 (price rise Oct 1st)

Visiting Town?

No problem. Drop-ins welcome!