Gym Classes




Current class styles:

– Functional Fit HIIT

– Strength HIIT

– Cardio HIIT

Remember your towel & water bottle!

Reserve your spot via the Timetable. 

Functional Fit HIIT
A full body, conditioning workout set to burn fat, gain strength and build lean muscle.
Expect to use battle ropes, dead balls, kettle bells, sandbags, fit balls, dumbbells, TRX (suspension training), cable machine and quite simply….your own body weight.

Strength HIIT
A solid resistance training session based around functional movements.
Time to slow down the pace and move some decent weight and focus on quality movement. 
                                                                                                                                                                              Thursdays in the back gym with Heidi will hit all your major muscle groups with a well rounded program.
 Srength for Runners – Thursday 6am in the front gym with Janet has a general leg & core focus, perfect if you are looking to work on strength and stability through your hips, glutes and ‘core’.
Ideal for everybody but particularly beneficial for all you recreational runners out there looking to stay strong and injury free. Or maybe you’re a sport person looking at killing your preseason.

Cardio Conditioning HIIT
Expect to get the heart pumping in this one. Work on that ‘huffy puffy’ fitness minus the jog or sitting on an exercise bike for hours. Work at your own pace and watch YOUR fitness climb!  


Suited to all fitness levels.

45min sessions Tuesday 7:15am

TEEN GYM a session for 12-16yr olds.
At such an impressionable age and during this huge growth period (mental, physical and emotional) part of their lives, WHO do YOU entrust to instil ‘healthy’ fitness values into your teen.
Their experiences NOW can have a lasting effect on their relationship with exercise! 
A machine free gym, we are an obstacle/ninja, free weight, body weight focused family fitness centre.
We vow to instil healthy ideals and have your teen enjoying fitness as a great release to everything else that is happening in their lives.
Casual sessions are available, however we do encourage our young adults to make a commitment and join us for a full term if they can.
Feeling nervous? Not sure what to expect? Trial sessions available.